Treat Heart Attacks With Fruit, Flowers and Stem of Banana Tree


We all like eating banana. Everyone likes natural sweetness present in it. But yes, those diabetics are forbidden to eat. You know well the advantages of banana. It is also beneficial for our health. But do you know that banana tree is such a tree, in which every part of our work comes in our way. Many people even worship banana trees.

Banana flowers, fruits and stems can also be used in people’s food. Dish from this makes it very tasty, which people like to eat even from the stomach. Do you know that the people of South India used it instead of the plate in the food. In every house in the south even in every restaurant you will get food in banana leaves. Banana leaves are considered to be the most pure. These are very beneficial for our health.

Its flowers, along with banana leaves and stems, are considered very beneficial for our health. In a way, the flowers on the banana tree are considered as its heart. There are large amounts found in fiber, protein, potassium, calcium, copper, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and vitamin e. This is not less than any nectar for our health. Do you know that bananas fruits, flowers and stems can cure you of many diseases related to cancer? Let’s know how …

Avoid???? Attacks Like This

Any problem related to cancer and heart is caused by attacking the Free Radicals on the cells present in our body. From this, the protective flower can do well, because these flowers have an element known as anti-oxidant, which also protects against body-building by competing with free radicals.

Complete The Lack of Blood

Iron is found in excess quantity of banana, which goes into our body and meets the deficiency of hemoglobin, so there is no shortage of blood on your body.

If you eat your flowers with banana leaves, you can get rid of many diseases related to the heart.


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