These 5 Foods Give Invitation To Baldness


All things are made of our food, some of which are beneficial, while there are some harmful results. Some foods only taste the food, while nutrients are deficient in them. By eating more such food, the biotin deficiency starts decreasing in the blood, and the blood circulation decreases in the hair’s roots.

For this reason, the hair begins to fall, and when the hair gets faster, then the person becomes a victim of baldness. Being free from baldness, we are going to tell you about five foods that do not consume more.

1. Junk Food

It contains more salt, sugar, oil, and fat. The pores of the head skin stop and their hair starts to fall rapidly.

2. French Fries

It also contains large amounts oil and trans fats which get no nutrients to the hair roots, it takes a loss weakened hair.

फ्रेंच फाइज

3. Cake & Pastry

Sugar level is high, thereby enhancing the level of endocrine hormones that increase the hair fall.

केक एंड पेस्‍ट्री


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