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If You Want Success So it is important to listen to the Guru


Kabir Das ji has told the truth that guru bin is not knowledge, but guru bin milai na moses Guru Bin Lakhai Naa Satya Guru Gin Bhi Meite Naa Devi … Read the rest

Psychology of Depression


Nowadays, every fourth person is becoming a victim of depression in a runaway life. Depression often lasts only for a short time, sometimes this depression takes a terrible appearance. A … Read the rest

Story of the mighty Morale


The trouble is a fact of our life. If someone understands this, then any whole life cries it crying. At every turn of our life, we face problems. Life can … Read the rest

5 things that you should not do and why?


Knowing friends unknowingly, we do many things that are not right for our personal development. Well, the list of these things can be very long, but I am sharing with … Read the rest

Three stories – which can change your life!

Life Changing

Steve Jobs Speech

Read the story of the life of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who created the iPod and iPhone company that can change your life too. In this speech, … Read the rest

15 Study Tips To Get Success


As a result of the board examinations, where there is generally a wave of happiness running around students, there are some tragic news on news papers and TV channels, where … Read the rest