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5 Ayurvedic medicines will Keep away you from the risk of cancer!


The whole world is fighting a dangerous disease like cancer. Men are most likely to have mouth and lung cancer whereas women in cervical and breast cancer are more likely … Read the rest

Know what causes your hair to fall


Hair fall for a number of reasons and there are many types of falls, which are also called Alopecia. As the age increases, both men and women decrease the thickness … Read the rest

Barley is so beneficial for health, will be surprised knowing


By the way barley is a grain. But if we talk about its benefits then maybe we can not count in fingers.

1.Benefits of barley

By the way barley is … Read the rest

Biography Of Singer Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar is an Indian playback singer and music composer. She is one of India’s most famous, best and respected playback singers. Lata Mangeshkar’s career started in 1942 and today … Read the rest

Bollywood Actor Salman Khan’s Biography


Salman Khan would hardly have known in India who would not have known it and it would be wrong to compare Salman’s bollywood movie to any actor as he has … Read the rest

Extend With Vegetables At Any Age


1.Increase with a few inches length of vegetables

Appearing longer nowadays is like a dream for most of us. The tall, well-groomed and attractive men are liked by all, and … Read the rest