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Do not forget the 10 mistakes in the third month of pregnancy


During pregnancy, women need to keep walking and breathing every step. Especially if the matter is done in the third month of pregnancy, then women need special attention these days, … Read the rest

Do not buy these 6 baby products , because it can be dangerous for the baby.


Along with the birth of the baby there are some things that must be kept in mind, because parents accidentally make some mistakes in their kidnappings that your little child … Read the rest

Daily consumption of these foods, periods will be normal

periods time

Today, we will tell you about some of the foods, which will eliminate all kinds of problems related to periods, and your periods will be normal.

Periods Normal Foods

Due … Read the rest

Benefits of Eating Onion


Raw onion, which is eaten as a salad with food, is very good for our health. Sandwich, salad or lick, onion doubles the taste of everyone. If you fear that … Read the rest

Skin diseases, skin allergies


There are many types of allergens. All such diseases are troublesome. If these diseases are not treated at the right time, the problem increases. There are some diseases of the … Read the rest

Get rid of acne / pimples in one night from these home remedies.


Keeping the footsteps of youth on the floor, pimples appear to be made of acne. The main reason behind this is that the Hormones are formed in the body and … Read the rest